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Mountain Ascents and Traverses
Mountain ascents in Patagonia are not characterized by height, not many mountains exceed 3500 meters. However, technical difficulties they present on our way to the peaks and the outstanding views each mountain let us enjoy are their real attractions. We propose three technically accessible ascents, which include glaciers, crevasses and some rock sections, making each of them really unique.

Vespigniani Peak

1 day - This mountain, 24146 meters high, is near Lago del Desierto, approximately 30 km north from El Chaltén. Undoubtedly, it is the best ascent that can be carried out in a one-day program in this area. It is a glacier traverse in ascent. It takes about 6 hours to get to the peak, surrounded by an incredible environment, with great crevasses and seracs, and a spectacular view to the ice field.

Solo Peak

2 days - Ascent to Cerro Solo, 2120 meters, is performed in two days, and it is the less technical of the ascents that can be carried out on Cerro Torre´s range. It demands a hard climb over loose pieces of rock in order to reach the glacier. From its peak, it is possible to enjoy an incomparable view of Fitz Roy massif, Cerro Torre and South Ice field.

Mojon Rojo Peak

2 days - Ascent to this tip of rock, 2168 meters, requires a glacier traverse and a low difficulty rock progression. This program is an excellent semi-technical experience which will take us to the heart of Patagonian needles.

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• 65 to 70 litres backpack
• Sleeping bag for -10 C confort (synthetic or duvet filling)
• Therma-Rest insulating mat
• Gaiters
• Trekking or medium mountian boots with gore tex ideally
• Trekking poles
• Sun-glasses
• headlamp with new batteries
• 1-litre bottle (nalgene ideally)
• Sunblock (35 or more)
• Lips sunblock
• Minimum personal hygiene items


• Goretex waterproof jacket with hood (3rd layer)
• softshell jacket with hood (2nd layer)
• Waterproof over pants
• Softeshell trekking trousers
• Underwear synthetic fabric t-shirt and stockings (2)
• Spare underwear
• Three pairs of trekking socks
• windsttoper gloves
• Liner gloves
• Waterproof over gloves
• Warm hut and cap
• Neckerchief or Buff for neck protection (optional)
• Light feather or synthetic warm vest or jacket for the night


• Feather or synthetic warm vest
• Pocket book


It is vital for each participant to check all his/her equipment properly before traveling. Said equipment must be in good conditions, it must be comfortable and of course, it must be apt for the purpose. If at half the traverse, any element of the equipment fails, we will not be able to go on normally or of course replace it.
As for clothes, we always recommend synthetic ones, especially for the inner ones and the torso ones: if you wear sweated cotton t-shirt, you will suffer cold very much until our body helps it dry.


• Reception in El Chaltén
• Full program as described
• Mountain guides (Certified by National Park Administration)
• Guides assistants depending of participants quantity
• All meals in mountain camps
• All technical and safety group and individual equipment
• Group camping equipment
• Group cooking equipment
• Communication equipment (VHF)
• First aids kit
• Navigation equipment (GPS)
• Transfers in the program
• Insurances and permits

• Transfers neither from nor to El Chaltén
• Meals not mentioned above
• Accommodation when not mentioned
• Personal equipment (detailed in Necessary equipment)
• Tips
• Drinks in town
• Meals not mentioned in town
• Personal porters

See Complementary Services for transportation, excursions, etc

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