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TK1 Ι El Chaltén - Poincenot Campsite - Rio Blanco

El Chaltén area is well known for the variety of good hikes and how well preserved the environment is. These are some of the day hikes that we offer to be taken with a mountain guide, leaving and returning to the town. During all these hikes, participants are accompanied by mountain guides in order to count on safety as well as on environmental interpretation and information, which will allow the understanding of the unique surroundings.

Duration: 6/7 hours
Distance: 17 km
Height Change: 350 metres

TK1 Ι Rio Blanco - De los 3 Lagoon - Rio Blanco

Crossing the Blanco River we shortly arrive at the climbers camp called Rio Blanco. From here, after a brief stop and with the chance to refill our water bottles in a nearby stream, we’ll begin the following section of our itinerary. Here we begin an hour-long uphill section which ends at an impressive viewpoint. At this point we will be able to look to the south-east at the Viedma Lake and the huge Patagonian steppe, whilst in front of us will be the huge granite wall of mount Fitz-Roy, which with all its nearby needles is one of the world’s most impressive views.

Duration: 3 hours i/v
Height Change: 400 metres

TK1 Ι El Chaltén - Torre Lagoon

The trail runs parallel to the Fitz Roy River, up until its origin in the Torre Lagoon. After 30 minutes walk from the town we arrive at the first of our viewpoints, which gives us a sight of mounts Cerro Torre and Fitz-Roy. Continuing on the trail we’ll arrive at our second viewpoint after an hour and a half. Here we’ll take a short break and some photos whilst our guide gives us an explanation of the valley’s geology and some information on the local area.
Heading downhill we next have to cross some glacial moraine in order to arrive at the De Agostini campsite. From camp we continue 15 minutes and reach the Torre Lagoon, from where we can take in the view of Cerro Torre; flanked by the Egger and Standardt needles and the Adelas ridge with its glaciers flowing into the crystal-clear lagoon.

Duration: 7/8 hours i/v
Distance: 20 km
Height Change: 200 metres

TK1 Ι Piedra del Fraile camp and Fitz Roy noth face lookout

For this trip we first have to take a transfer in vehicle from El Chaltén to the bridge over the River Eléctrico, approximately 20km from the town. From here, we will be outside of the limits for the National Park and will begin trekking. Firstly we pass through a wide glacial valley and gradually enter a forest of Lenga trees (Southern Beech).
After approximately 2 hours walking (including rest stops) we arrive at the Piedra del Fraile campsite: a historic place where most the world’s best climbers have passed through and gateway to the Southern Ice Field.
Once at the campsite we can have lunch in the natural surroundings and then continue a little further up the valley, and if the day is clear then we may catch a glimpse of the Marconi Pass and the north face of mount Fitz-Roy.
The return is via the same route, until the Eléctrico bridge, where a vehicle will be waiting for us to take us back to the town.

Duration: 6 hours i/v
Distance: 20 km
Height Change: 50 metres

TK1 Ι El Chaltén - Loma del Pliegue Tumbado - El Chaltén

This is one of the classical trails in the area, along with the trails Fitz roy laguna de los 3 and lagunaTorre. The main attractive of this hike is to head south in order to appreciate Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy from the same angle, which cannot be done from traditional paths. We can also enjoy another perspective of them, as well as a spectacular view of Viedma lake and eastern Patagonian steppe.
This path also takes us very near Cerro Solo and Huemul, closing, this way, the circle of the most attractive mountains of the area. This trail makes its ascent continuously, first along the steppe, then through the woods until it reaches near Loma del Pliegue Tumbado - a series of sedimentary layers elevated from the bottom of the sea where fossil remains from Pacific Ocean can be found.
Once at Loma base and if weather conditions allow it, we can choose between an ascent to the summit or a return along the same path.

Duration: 5/6 hours
Distance: 13 km
Height Change: 300 metres

The ascent to la Loma takes 2 hours round trip with a 350 metres slope through an easy rock scree terrain.

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• Waterproof breathable jacket with hood
• Waterproof over trousers
• Warm cap and sun cap
• Light and warm gloves
• Spare socks
• Trekking or training shoes
• 50 litres minimum
• Mountian boots for running shoes

• Plastic bags
• Sun-glasses
• Ski poles. A pair of telescopic poles ideally.
• Sunblock.
• Lips sunblock

For programs longer than 1 day

• Personal hygiene items
• Torch / headlamp
• Personal medicines
• Spare clothes

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